Visit Oman

Oman’s first National Travel Operator

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Visit Oman

Oman’s first National Travel Operator

Oman has limited governance in place to manage and co-ordinate it’s tourism activities, and there has been a limited spend in promoting Oman overseas. Whilst the tourism brand is clearly defined with a focus on nature, culture and beach, leveraging natural assets, brand perception needs to be addressed.

There are also no considerable quality controls in place; activity operators in Oman are usually SME’s, the majority of hotels in Oman are reliant on intermediaries to drive their business and the airlines suffer from being seen as a connection airline.

Therefore, there was an opportunity within Oman for a National Travel Operator to become to authority on all things Oman.

The task to the agency was to create a clear identity and positioning for the NTO, and build a website that made it simple for international travellers to connect to Oman.

Oman is known for its warm Arabian hospitality, its abundant nature and rich history. It’s a serene place of relaxation and endless discovery. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it in Oman.

‘Visit Oman’, the travel booking gateway for all things Oman, connects the world to Omani beauty.

Inspired by Oman’s unlimited potential and traditional strokes of calligraphy, the brandmark resembles the infinity symbol and symbolizes the progressive energy of Oman, it’s undulating waves and mountains.

The brand’s identity is brought to life through – a seamless digital experience that allows travellers to connect to an extensive array of and attractions and ultimately, discover Oman.

Client: Oman Aviation Group
Office: Dubai
Year: June, 2021