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Everyone’s Kingdom

The Incomplete Anthem

Aligning with Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia has become more open and inclusive. However, social awareness and understanding of persons with disability is lacking amongst the general population leading them to feel some sense of social exclusion from society – ultimately causing lack of employment opportunities, education, understanding, and accessibility. Mobily, one of Saudi’s biggest telco brands, tasked us with connecting the Kingdom during Saudi National Day through promoting a message of social inclusion.

Persons with disabilities form approximately 10% of the population. As a nation, Saudi Arabia is not a complete Kingdom without the inclusion of 100% of its people.

As a leading telco provider in KSA, connectivity is interwoven into the Mobily brand DNA; connecting people, both on a digital and human level.

The #EveryonesKingdom campaign launched on the 89th National Day on Twitter – Saudi Arabia’s most popular social media platform. The initiative was designed to spark a conversation to bring forward a change in societal stereotypes towards people with disabilities, as well as empowering those with disabilities to explore their potential and social contributions.

Our first film showcased a Saudi Orchestra performing the Saudi National Anthem in a touching way; with pauses in the song symbolizing persons with disabilities, demonstrating that, as within the performance, society is incomplete without them. The second follow-up film, showed the same Saudi Orchestra performing a complete rendition of the Saudi National Anthem, symbolizing the unity of the Kingdom.

In just 7 days, our campaign amassed:

  • 12 million video views across Twitter & Youtube

  • 2.6 million Engagements

  • 127 million Impressions

  • 41,000 branded emoji hashtag uses

  • +50% video viewthrough rate

  • 31,000 clickthroughs to URL

  • 99% positive campaign sentiment (Twitter Campaign Report 2019)

#EveryonesKingdom earned extensive free online media coverage in a country where editorial content is only granted through paid advertising - with 18 organically earned articles in less than 7 days, giving our campaign a reach of more than 26 million.

Client: Mobily
Office: Dubai
Year: September 15, 2019

Social Films – Parts 1 and 2