Gift a Smile

It’s the smallest things that mean the most

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Gift a Smile

It’s the smallest things that mean the most

Ramadan season is just like Superbowl Sunday, where all brands compete and the clutter is intense. With many brands trying to send Covid-19 resilient messages, our task was to stand out.

Despite the challenges set by the new norm, the world is going back to normal, but in a way different than the norms of previous years.

With social distance and travel restrictions still in place, how do we help connect KSA together at a time when family gatherings are considered an essential to an occasion like Ramadan?

For centuries, Muslims have celebrated Ramadan through gatherings and sharing gifts with loved ones. However, due to social restrictions brought on by the pandemic, this time-honored tradition has been put on hold.

While restrictions will continue to impact the lives of Saudis throughout the holy month, people’s need for genuine human connection will prevail.

That’s why Mobily teamed up with M&C Saatchi to help remind Saudis of a small, yet very meaningful gift that anyone, anywhere can share with friends and family during Ramadan.

A smile.

The #GiftASmileForRamadan campaign was launched with an animated film, a story showing how a simple text message greeting is all it takes to gift someone a beautiful smile.

The film takes viewers through the visually mesmerizing interiors of a “Smile Factory” as a new smile is molded, shaped, and sent to a special someone on the other end of a smartphone. It’s bright, colorful, and wonderfully captivating – kind of like a smile!

The smiles then spread across social media with activations on both Instagram – an interactive smile catching game - and Snapchat – a 3D Smile face filter.

We even shared smiles at Mobily flagship stores with a customized line of face masks branded with our campaign’s colorful 3D smiles.

In just a few hours, the whole Kingdom was smiling.

We teased our campaign on Twitter with a video which achieved 437,000 engagements. Building on the hype, we launched our campaign on the first day of Ramadan. And despite the heavy competition of the season, we surpassed industry benchmarks, the campaign amassed 27.9 million video views across YouTube and Twitter and a VTR of 7.73% on Snapchat (benchmark is 5.8%).

Client: Mobily
Office: Dubai
Year: April 11, 2021

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